Sanyie - Centfloral Honey 1000g

How honey is produced? In the ancient documentation, honey was regarded as " the essence of flowers", i.e., flower essence, the sweet liquid secreted by flowers called nectar, the nectar is then takenby bees to process, and then stored in a clean hexagonal cell made by beeswax, after brewed and heated (i.e. bees use their wings to fan dried, and with saliva convert enzyme action, carbohydrates is transformed into monosaccharides) and is made into a sweet food, this is "honey" so honey is completely processed by bees without the need of human reprocessing.

Honey can be used as medicine, with the effect of enhance middle, moist dryness, stop pain, relief heat, detoxify, beauty, nourish Qi, moist lungs, nurture spleen and stomach.

(The proportion and the pharmacological components are differences with different plants that bees pick.)