Sanyie - Super Propolis

Propolis is produced by bees mixing their own secretion with the resin collected by their upper jaw bit by bit of the secretion at pine, birch, poplar or other tree’s bud or wound, propolis is used for coating the nest surface, protect the future generations growing up healthily, fill beehive cracks and reduce the nest door to put off foreign enemy and rainwater. In Japan, propolis is called "natural antibiotic." Propolis contains over 30 different kinds of flavonoid compounds, over 30 types of aromatic esters, dozen of aromatic acids and terpene compounds, organic acids, over 20 different kinds of amino acids, vitamins amino acids, vitamins, over 30 different kinds of essential trace elements (such as selenium, calcium, zinc, manganese, etc), minerals and other bioactive substances. Propolis is having the highest flavonoids contain in nature among all the plants and animals. Higher the concentration of flavonoids in Propolis products, better the quality of the product and better the effect.

Numerous studies have shown that propolis contains large variety of bioactive ingredients, which is harmless to human body and with no side effects. It has magical effect on human body, is the guidance angel of human health, more information on the effect of propolis can be found in the book “Magic propolis therapy” by the China Agriculture Publishing Company, “Propolis treatment of cancer” by the Wisdom University Press, and “Super modern medical effects of propolis” by Anritsu Publishing Company.

It can help the immune system, improve breathing, digestion, help preventing the foot and nails from bacterial infection, and improve oral wounds, toothache, aphthous ulcer symptoms, it also relief sore throats, protect body cells, and act as antioxidant.

(Note: it is not suitable for pregnant women and infants under one year old)